Sci-fi fans and geeks descend on Poland for annual fantasy festival 

Sci-Fi fans dressed as their favourite fantasy characters descended on the the Polish city of Lublin as part of the annual Falcon Fantasy Festival.

From fully armed stormtroopers to the Witch King of angmar in the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, joker388 casino the fair allows fans to meet and show off their creative fancydress skills as well as get the chance to meet some of the creators behind the games.

The festival also has its own designated games area with plenty of computers rigged up to the latest fantasy games to allow plenty of hours of serious gaming.

The festival started in 2000 and has grown to become one of the most popular Sci-Fi festivals in Europe, with fans coming from across the world to attend this much-loved and highly entertaining event.

The darkest villian of all: One fan came dressed up as the Witch king of angmar from the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Young and old: Plenty of fans took the chance to test out their gaming skills at the exciting festival in Poland

Impressive attendance: Fans came as characters from their favourite video games and comic books

From near and far: Participants came from around the world to enjoy all things sci-fi in Lublin, Poland

Ready for service: A storm troopers, armed and standing guard monitors events at the festival

Why so serious?One well dressed participant came all made up as Batman’s old enemy, the Joker

Ready for a battle: This young lady is thought to be wearing a protective coat of glass armour as a warrior character in Elder Scrolls

Mysterious minion: A terrifying Jawa, complete with leather bag and glowing eyes, from Tatooine was also spotted at the festival

Many of the fans appear to have put a lot of effort in getting the detail for their costume exactly right for their characters

Armed and ready: One lady rocks the steampunk style with yellow tights and long dark trenchcoat

Full of fun: Plugged in and playing, one young fan with his face painted with a skull, enjoys a gaming session

Terrifying: One frightening demon lady shows off her darker side with her all black outfit with red nails

Sinister specimen: One fan appears to have gone to great lengths to dress up as the character Corvo from the video game, Dishonoured

Halloween is over: One fan hides behind a terrifying skull mask as he enjoys playing on his favourite video game

Curious mixture: Some of the fans appear to have really studied the detail of their characters costumes and look stunningly similar

Questionable: One dedicated fan dons his heavy silver chainmail outfit and weapons in a character thought to be Khal Drogo



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