Documents Required For H-1B Stamping

Are you ready for an interview for a position as an International bonded Laboratory Specialist? There are several documents required for an interview including: a passport with a coloured photograph, proof of registration (sometimes referred to as a visa), application for an alien registration number (usually called an immigrant visa), and, sometimes, a passport plus required entries to accompany it. For most positions in the United States, these documents are not required, but if you do have them, be sure to bring them with you when you go in for an interview at the American Consulate. The documents required for an interview generally consist of: your passport, registration, alien registration number (if applying for U.S.) or birth certificate if applying for Canadian citizenship, evidence of income, and a resume, not more than two months old, that highlights your qualities. In this article, briefly outline the documents you need for an interview for an international bonded laboratory specialist post.

For those interviewing for a position as an H-1B visa specialist, this document list is particularly important. This document list contains detailed instructions for preparing for a visa interview, including when to apply, what questions to ask, when you will mail your application, and what forms you must complete. Be sure to keep a copy of this list with you when you go to an interview; make copies for yourself and keep the original for mailing in the application. There are often additional requirements for international H-1B visa specialists that can greatly increase the length of processing time. It is important to remember that there is a deadline for filing an application for an H-1B visa. If you do not file the application within the applicable timeframe, the visa will be denied and you cannot reapply for a visa.

The application for an international H-1B visa must contain one of the following documents for an individual seeking to become an international H-1B holder: a Current US Department of Labor Certified Employer Letter, a Current US Department of Labor Eligibility Certificate, a Current US Department of Labor Non-immigrant Alien Registry Card, or a Current US Department of Labor Social Security Card. The application can also include one of the following documents for an accompanying child who is seeking admission to the United States as a permanent resident: a Current US Department of Labor Student Identity Card, a Supporting Document, or a Current US Department of Labor US Summer Journey Card. If you do not have all three of these documents, your application will be incomplete and the interview can be delayed.

When you arrive at your interview, it is very important that you know the proper procedures. To help you get ready for this part of your application, prepare ahead of time. Bring a notebook with you and jot down everything that you will say during the interview. Remember to use a clean voice recorder so you don’t appear as though you are speaking in class.

The second document required for an h1b stamping interview is the application for the principal applicant. This is often called the I-129 questionnaire. The I-129 questionnaire is very similar to that of the I-9 form, which you usually fill out when applying for a visa. You need to attach a current I-129 photo of the principal applicant. Many times an I-129 questionnaire will request that the principal applicant to provide a letter that confirms that he or she is the legal representative of his or her family. The letter is called the I Consent Letter.

The third document needed for an h-1b visa stamping interview is the biometric information package. This package consists of four things: fingerprints, palm scanning (for applicants who use electronic devices), voice recognition (to verify identity and prove age), and digital fingerprints or permanent electronicographic signatures (which are tied to a bank account and cannot be faked). You can find more information about the biometric information package on the U.S. Department of State’s website. After you complete these documents, the three main processing centers will review your application and determine if you have met the basic requirements for an h-1b visa.

The next step in the application process is the interview. If your primary reason for visiting is employment, the interview will likely be conducted by the same individual who will decide if you meet the basic requirements for an h-1b visa. If you do not have an employment contract, or one is not present, you will be provided with a temporary contract that can be used as a means of demonstrating that you have the financial resources to sustain yourself for the duration of your stay in the United States. When you attend this interview you must follow the specific interview guidelines established by the U.S. Department of State. Failing to do so can result in a loss of your status and possible fines or charges.

After the interview, another set of documents is required for h1b sponsorship. These documents are used to further verify information provided by you and to ensure that the paperwork is complete and correct. Again, before you submit your application you should review the documents required for h-1b visa sponsorship. In particular, the biometric information package, the documents required for verification of your employment history, and the final I-inances forms are the most important documents you need to submit.

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